Window Model

Window Model

  • Number of parameters: 13
  • Number of available values for these parameters: 71
  • Number of all combinations: 537 477 120
  • Time of finding all correct solutions: 23ms
To test this configurator on your website, just enter the code below in the place where you want to display it.
<script type="text/javascript">var saleconfig_hash="z3ohSB2xNxyejyXflrXpYJE0DI%2Fxvh%2Fcj61JxmQ30T9FV40VKgN4aGDHcvkBHvqptUzwl6cDdtga0apGMOj%2BDXfdrIzOwDvEWbq95fai1oBzkLSoZZLqkAVWxFIWXap%2FVpLwLBH5XTVU6qzEzjPpUUapzVEYd05GLMA%3D";</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="" id="saleconfig_script"></script>
Preparation of such a model is very simple:

1) We enter a set of parameters and their values

2) We configure the dependencies between the parameters:
  • Using the table:

  • Or using logical expressions:

3) We can also set additional calculations to be displayed when configuring the model.