Terms of service




  1. These Regulations define the rules of the Service Provider electronically via the website saleconfig.com, SaleConfig SaaS services, providing access to software functionality SaleConfig through web browsers and computer application, including technical conditions for the provision of this service.
  2. The Internet service at www.saleconfig.com is run by Maxima Marcin Gasiński with its registered office in ul. Przytulna 30/10, 80-176 Gdańsk, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs CEIDG with EU VAT number PL9570773962.
  3. By placing an order for a service SaleConfig, the Customer confirms that he has read the Terms of Use, accepts the Terms contained therein, and agrees to abide by them. Failure to accept the Terms prevents you from placing an order and using the SaleConfig Service.


  1. Manufacturer, Service Provider - Maxima Marcin Gasiński based in Gdańsk, address: Przytulna 30/10 80-176 Gdańsk, registered in the CEIDG, EU VAT: PL9570773962
  2. Client – customers, employees, representatives, consultants, contractors and agents who have been authorized by Client to use the service SaleConfig
  3. SaleConfig Service - provided by the Service Provider to the Client for SaleConfig Software
  4. SaleConfig software - the software of SaleConfig proprietary technology that Service Provider makes available to the Client as part of or in connection with the SaaS Internet Service
  5. Internet Service - the Service Provider's website at: www.saleconfig.com and enables the Client to access the SaleConfig Service
  6. Ordering system of the internet service saleconfig.com - a separate part of the Internet Service enabling the client to place orders for the SaleConfig Service
  7. Registration Form - a form posted on the website www.saleconfig.com enabling registration of the Client on the Website, through which the Client can access the SaleConfig Service
  8. Account - a separate part of the Internet Service, which contains the saved data of the Client (given by the Client in the Registration Form), to which the Client obtains access after logging in using the login and password
  9. Subscription Fee - the fee paid by the Client for use of the SaleConfig Service, in accordance with the rates specified in the Price List
  10. Price List - a document provided on the Web site defining the current charge for use of the SaleConfig Service
  11. Regulations - these terms of service provide electronic services SaleConfig



  1. The Service Provider a service in the form of enabling the Client to use the functionality of the SaaS SaleConfig Software, through the Website, under the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. In order to access the SaleConfig Service, the Client must complete the Registration Form provided on the Website and must establish an Account, which is run by the Service Provider.


  1. Service in the form of keeping accounts on the Internet Service is carried out by the Service Provider from the moment the Account is established by the Client until the Account is deleted. Service of the account of the Client is free of charge.
  2. SaleConfig is activated after the Client has established an account, accepts these Terms and Conditions, and pays the applicable Subscription Fee.
  3. In order to use the services indicated in point III, the Service Provider should have:
    • a computer with Windows Vista or later operating system, approximately 100MB of free disk space, 2 GB of RAM
    • Internet access guaranteeing uninterrupted Internet access at 512 kbps
    • properly configured web browser
  4. Client orders for SaleConfig Service are accepted and registered by the Service Provider 24 hours a day throughout the calendar year.
  5. A condition for order fulfilment of the SaleConfig Service is the Customer's registration in the Ordering System of the internet service saleconfig.com. In this case the correct email address of the Client is necessary to confirm the acceptance and confirmation of the order. Orders that cannot be confirmed within 4 business days will be cancelled.
  6. Orders SaleConfig the Service, for which there is any doubt will be verified and may be cancelled by the Service Provider. The Client will be informed of this fact by e-mail address.
  7. Zamówienia na Usługę SaleConfig realizowane są wyłącznie na terytorium Rzeczypospolitej Polski.
  8. Time of realization of the Client's order is as short as possible. In all cases it is dependent on the date of posting on the account of the Service Provider subscription fee in the full amount paid by the Client. In exceptional cases, the order execution time (SaleConfig activation) may be extended. The Client may not agree to this and may cancel the order.
  9. In the Website are accepted "promotional codes". The Client who has the "promotional code" should enter it in the box labelled "coupon code" and then press the "apply coupon" button. Promotional coupons, depending on their type, may include all items in the basket or individual items of the basket, which may be limited in time, valid only with the Client's Account, may be used one or several times. The terms of use of the "promotional coupon" will be described in detail here.
  10. The rates of the fees listed in the Price List on the Website are expressed in euros. EU VAT tax will be added in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  11. An invoice is generated for each individual customer order. In the case where the Client is a EU VAT tax number payer, the order should specify his VAT number. The invoice is delivered electronically to the recipient's e-mail address when registering the Account. On request - it is sent by traditional mail (to the address given by the Client).
  12. The subscription period for the SaleConfig service is 30 or 365 days. The Client selects the subscription period when ordering the SaleConfig service. The duration of the paid subscription begins to run from the day the ServiceConfig is activated by the Service Provider.
  13. The Client has the right to change the subscription period of the program at any time before the end of the current subscription period. Then the Client should make appropriate changes to the License module or notify the Service Provider in writing to the email address: biuro@saleconfig.com or via the form located on the website saleconfig.com. The duration of the extension begins to run after the end of the current subscription period.
  14. After payment by the Client for the changes in the parameters of the license or the extension of its duration, a contract to provide services SaleConfig will automatically be extended for another period. Otherwise, the SaleConfig Service Agreement will be terminated.
  15. Changes in the Subscription Price List are published on the Website through the publication of the current Subscription Price List. The change of the Subscription Price does not affect the change of the Subscription Fee paid by the Client before the revised price list is published.
  16. The Client agrees not to take any actions to disrupt the Website.
  17. The Service Provider is not responsible for any disturbance in realization of the SaleConfig service caused by force majeure, hardware failure, power outages, interruptions in connection with the Internet, unauthorized interference by the Service Users or third parties, malfunction of the telecommunications systems, software installed on the Client's computer equipment.
  18. The liability of the Service Provider associated with improper performance of the SaleConfig Service may be limited to actual damages. The Service Provider is not responsible for lost profits, lost data, or indirect damages of the Client. All liability of the Service Provider is limited to the amount of the Subscription Fee paid by the Client in the subscription period in which the service was performed improperly. This limitation of liability applies regardless of the legal basis of the claim. The above limitation does not apply to situations in which full liability is defined by applicable law.
  19. The Service Provider does not warrant that the SaleConfig Service will meet all expectations of the Service User. The Client should get to know of the functionality of the SaleConfig Software before concluding the contract of the SaleConfig Service.


  1. Contract of a service contract by electronic means takes place when:
    • The Client will create an account and log in for the first time using login and password. The Client is obliged to provide his / her data in accordance with the actual situation
    • The Service Provider activates the service immediately after posting the Subscription Fee in the amount due, paid by the Client
  2. Termination of the service contract by electronic means occurs when:
    • The Client will submit an instruction to remove the Account by e-mail to the Service Provider's email address or in writing to the address of the Service Provider's address
    • The period of time for which the Client has paid the Subscription Fee shall be terminated unless the client pays the Subscription Fee for the following period of time.
  3. The Service Provider reserves the right to restrict or deprive the Client of the right to use the services referred to in point III of the Regulations by blocking or deleting the Account in the event of a breach by the Client of the provisions of these Regulations or the generally applicable law upon the Client's prior call to terminate the breach when expire 7-day deadline to comply with the Service Provider's call. In the case of application by the Service Provider of the above, the service fees paid by the Client is not refundable.


  1. Complaints related to the services referred to in point III of the Regulations as well as settlements, may be submitted by email to: biuro@saleconfig.com. The content of the complaint relating to failure to perform or improper performance of services SaleConfig should include:
    1. the customer's contact details
    2. a precise description of any irregularities in the provision of the service
    3. date of occurrence and duration of irregularities indicated
  2. Rdate of occurrence and duration of irregularities indicatedComplaints relating to settlements, including the amount of the Subscription Fees, should indicate the invoice number, the date of issue, and the invoice identified in the invoice.
  3. Complaints will be considered by the Service Provider immediately, not later than within 30 calendar days of receiving the complaint. If additional diagnostic procedures are required, the Service Provider reserves the right to extend the above time period, in accordance with the time needed for performing the diagnostic activities. The service provider will inform the Client by e-mail, sent to the e-mail address given by the Client, about the method of complaint handling.
    Complaints will not be accepted if:
    • The Client has not paid the Subscription Fee and has no right to use the SaleConfig Service,
    • False performance of the SaleConfig service has been caused by a failure of the operating system, third party software or hardware itself (computer, server, computer network) on which the SaleConfig Service is provided,
    • The functionality provided in the SaaS version of the SaleConfig software is compatible with the Software Documentation,
    • SaleConfig service is performed by the Client on hardware that does not meet the minimum system requirements or does not have technical parameters enabling proper operation, including the amount of data processed,
    • The complaint is the result of the infection of the Client's computer or computer network by viruses, trojans or spyware,
    • The reason of the complaint is the customer's problems with the internet connection (its failures, too low connection parameters or its instability, especially in connection with mobile, radio or satellite),
    • The reason for the complaint is the loss of data after the term of SaleConfig for which the Subscription Fee has been paid.
    • The reason of the complaint is forgetting the Customer's password or login to the Account,
    • The reason of the complaint is disclosure of confidential data by the customer (login, password, network parameters, other ...) unauthorized third parties,
    • The complaint relates to data loss after the end of the subscription period (terminating the contract).


  1. The SaleConfig software provided on the SaaS model is used to account for services provided by SaleConfig users. The Client determines the scope of data entered and stored in connection to the use of SaleConfig service and administers the data entered by users of this service. The Service Provider does not verify the type of data entered by SaleConfig users and does not interfere with their content. The Client assumes full responsibility for entering data by SaleConfig users.
  2. Personal data of the customer, communicated to the Service Provider in connection to the process of creating the Account of the Client and in connection to the orders are stored on the server of the Service Provider, located at the Service Provider's headquarters.
  3. The Client declares that the personal information, he provided, is true and is responsible for giving false information.
  4. The administrator of the personal data, referred to in point 2 above, is the Service Provider.
  5. The Service Provider shall use the personal data provided by the Client solely for the purpose of properly providing the Services referred to in point III of these Regulations and in order to properly fulfill the obligations arising from the agreements concluded with the Service Provider.
  6. The Client has the right to inspect the processed personal data at any time, as well as to correct them and to request their removal.
  7. Withdrawal by the Client of the consent to the processing of his personal data will be equivalent to the termination of the service contract referred to in point III of these Regulations. In this case, the Service Provider is not liable for failure to perform its obligations.
  8. The Client further agrees to use his personal data for marketing purposes (informing the Client about the services of the Service Provider and the entities cooperating with him).
  9. Issues related to the protection and use of non-personal data (cookies) are governed by the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy on the Website.


  1. The Service Provider has the right, at any time and without giving a reason, to turn off the Website, to make improvements or carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance work. These works, apart from the exceptions resulting from random events, will be carried out as far as possible in the evening or on public holidays.
  2. The technical interruption in operation of the Internet Service may not be the basis for submitting any claims by the Service Users and any other persons.


  1. The contents provided on the Website and SaleConfig Software, the trademarks, company names, logos, images, multimedia and any other works contained therein use the protection provided by the legislation generally applicable.
  2. Use of the Website does not imply the acquisition of intellectual property to the works on the Website. In particular, it is forbidden to copy, distribute, use or modify any component of the Web Site and the SaleConfig Software without the prior written consent of the Service Provider.


  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions, subject to the protection of acquired rights. The Service Provider will notify each Client by email about the changes to the Terms and publish the revised Terms of Service in the Website. The amended Terms and Conditions bind the Client, unless the Client terminates the service contract by electronic means within 21 days from the date of notification of changes to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. If any provision of the Regulations is or becomes invalid or ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
  3. Declarations of will submitted by the Service Provider and the Client in electronic form (by e-mail) will be equivalent to declarations made in writing.
  4. Any disputes, the Service Provider and the Client agree to settle by mutual negotiations. In the event of failure to reach an agreement within 30 days of the commencement of the negotiations, these disputes shall be submitted to the common court competent for the Service Provider. The right to pursue claims arising out of services provided electronically, referred to in point III of these Regulations, is available to the Client after exhausting the way of judicial proceeding.
  5. The regulations come into live on 1 September 2017.