Product Configurator

Provides accurate product pricing and eliminates data entry errors, accelerates the work of the saleman, allows preparation of correct product specifications, and is tailored to assist with full  configuration for new users.

The product configurator has the following options:
  • defining the product based on constraints of attributes and materials
  • determining the cost, price, execution time and current availability of the product
  • create a bill of material requirements based on the principles of the configurators logic
  • defining complex systems that contain multiple products and services
  • possibility to create complex calculations for material selection option
  • possibility to prepare tables of many configured products


This functionality includes tools to streamline the pricing process and eliminate errors in preparing offers. It provides fixed discounts on individual products and allows you to easily generate a document of offer.

The pricing process allows for:
  • determine the price of the composite products based on the options selected by the salesman
  • use of specific prices and discounts depending on the client
  • calculate the budget of the offer, calculate the total cost of the offer
  • determination of the final value of the offer based on the introduced minimum margin

The functionality of the offer consists of:
  • generate and manage offers
  • add, edit and delete items based on product configurators
  • automatically fill offers with the relevant client data
  • keeps records of changes in the offer
  • storing data to predict production such as: expected completion date, probability of winning, competitors, etc.
  • easy to customize the offer template and information flow using the web administration interface
  • generate offers containing all necessary information, such as: product descriptions, technical approvals, drawings
  • support multiple currencies


The ability to integrate with ERP systems and send order information.
Distributor, sales representative and client (depending on configuration) can place orders online.

The most important functions of order management are:
  • generating orders based on the offer (copying information from the offer)
  • checking data compatibility/integrity with business rules
  • possibility to configure execution time, payment terms, type of delivery, place of delivery and warranty conditions.
  • easy customization of contract templates and information flow using the administration interface

Document generator

This functionality allows for:
  • preparation of templates for offers and contracts
  • consideration in the list of products selected in the offer or contract
  • filling the headline of clients data
  • defining guiding letters
  • adding technical cards, photos and drawings depending on the selected products
  • generate documents in MS Word format (requires MS Word), Adobe PDF, HTML
  • printing, sending by e-mail and faxing generated documents
  • save all generated documents in the database


Basic reports:
  • sales plan (based on offer status)
  • sales by salesmen, representatives (the ratio of offers to contracts, etc)
  • margin report in offers / contracts
  • the division of offers and contracts into salesmen and client
  • orders directed to execution
  • market share

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