CPQ System


The main advantages of the system

  • increase the efficiency of the sales department
  • eliminating mistakes made by salesmen when creating product pricing
  • full control over salesmen and their offers
  • control of contracts and delegation of tasks for implementation/ realization
  • possibility to check the budget of any of the offers
  • full history of the generated documents (each generation of an offer or the contract is audited and allows duplication where required)
  • possibility to export any statement to Microsoft Excel
  • making changes to the offer automatically creates a new version and saves the previous version to the archive

SaleConfig CPQ

SaleConfig CPQ - (Configure, Price, Quote) offers the best system for preparing proposals and pricing of configured products.
SaleConfig is a fully integrated system that enables management of your clients and ability to create offers with the option to customize their appearance and place any configured products into them.
SaleConfig also allows you to prepare reports based on generated documents.
SaleConfig CPQ


With SaleConfig salesmen can create the right proposal and contracts from anywhere in the world.
The dependence between the options guides the user through the available product features and prevents them from choosing incorrect options therefore preventing human error.
Configuration options can be selected in any order.

Product modelling in SaleConfig has the following functions:
  • variables (parameters) with a large selection of types
  • correlation between parameters prevents incorrect selections
  • resolving dependencies guides the user on available options
  • price calculation and cost based on BOM
  • create a product description based on selected properties
  • Data entry verification, highlighting required parameters to ensure all information is gathered
  • versioning of product configurations
  • fully functional Python implementation used for scripting dependencies, BOM calculations and product descriptions

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing allows you to create rules for calculating material and operational needs and calculate a price and product cost on this basis. Fully flexible script-based calculation of the amount of materials needed, SaleConfig allows you to prepare an offer for any currency and set exchange rates between currencies. The ability to create multiple price lists allows you to enter prices depending on regions or segments of clients. A standard price list and a sales price list can be assigned to each use.
Dynamic pricing
Generating offers

Generating offers

Generating offer documents and contracts is based on fully customizable templates.
Various types of text blocks and functions can be placed in the final document.
You can add your own parameters to a template that must be filled out when preparing your proposal.
Based on parameters, it is possible to insert a specific text block or a specific string.
Offer documents and contracts also have a unique versioning system that allows you to return to each generated document and create a new version of the document based on an existing one (for example, to add a new product or make a modification)

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