About us

About us

SaleConfig started in 2006
I worked as a salesman in a production company. I was bored to type slowly texts in Word and creating tables in Excel, so I wrote a program that helped me in a job and had automated this task. The program works in the company even today, despite the implementation of the ERP system, which was about to replace my product.


The next step was a more extensive version of the program with the ability to create your own document templates with the division of documents into offers and contracts, the possibility of exporting data from contracts.

We have now created the third version of our product, taking into account the experience of previous versions and implementations, and expanded it further.

We have over 15 years of experience in developing and deploying applications in a variety of environments and companies. From accounting applications, through websites, to embedded systems. When we created SaleConfig, we had in front of eyes your employees making quotes and contracts in Word and Excel. We want to help them do their job and give your company the tools to streamline the process of making offers.


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